YGGJ - Stickey Wallet

YGGJ - Stickey Wallet

YGGJ, the world's largest blockchain gaming guild.


Web3 wallet specialized for blockchain games.

100 %

elimination of maintenance costs.

20,000 hours

reduction in development time.

"Stickey" is a novel wallet that promotes "aggregation" and "community" in the Web3 ecosystem. It eliminates the necessity for separate communication software and has the potential to revolutionize the Web3 gaming landscape. By consolidating games and wallets, it addresses users' requirements for asset and game management. The community feature enables users to connect, communicate, and collaborate with one another, and asset transfers are as effortless as sending messages. Stickey serves as a unified platform that seamlessly connects games and users, providing a comprehensive solution.

- Tetsuya Fujiwara, CEO ,YGGJ

Case Studies

YGGJ is the Japanese branch of the renowned blockchain game guild YGG, dedicated to promoting blockchain games and enhancing player experiences. With the expectation that NFTs and tokens will replace traditional game virtual items and points due to the self-sovereign nature of blockchain assets, they are set to become the next-generation gaming trend. However, the current lack of Web3 Wallets specifically designed for blockchain games has resulted in a subpar gaming experience for players.

To address this industry pain point, YGGJ aims to provide a Web3 Wallet with the following community characteristics:


Emphasis on and independent display of rankings for various blockchain games, NFTs, and tokens.


Support for relevant blockchains used in blockchain games (e.g., Ronin).


Ability for users to customize wallet styles, including colors, avatars, and more.


YGGJ acknowledges that the services provided by KryptoGO meet their requirements.

What Web3 gaming pain points did KryptoGO solve for YGGJ?

The Pain

The Solution

Conventional blockchain wallets are unfriendly to game players.

KryptoGO is specifically tailored for YGGJ, prioritizing game-related content and simplifying the complexities of blockchain games for players.


Traditional wallets lack support for different blockchains.

KryptoGO actively supports various blockchains utilized in games, encompassing their tokens and NFTs.


Traditional wallets cannot customize personal style.

Provide players with customization options, including theme colors, personal pictures, etc.