An on-chain staking and lending protocol platform.


development cost savings

20,000 hours

reduction in development time.


eliminate maintenance costs

The KryptoGO team is dedicated to ensuring accurate, practical, fun, and easily understandable data every day. We prioritize creating a user-friendly experience, catering even to inexperienced users. We value efficiency and strive to promptly deliver solutions to customer problems and requests. Our end product consistently meets the needs and expectations of our clients.

-Joe, Project Management Department Leader, TAG

Case Studies

TAG's team operates a variety of on-chain protocols on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon, requiring users to interact with them using a Web3 Wallet.

However, the poor user experience and high technical knowledge required by existing tools like MetaMask, combined with the name differentiation from TAG, have made it difficult for TAG to attract new users.

To enhance TAG's ecosystem, the following improvements are required:


App-ify the service to enhance the user experience.


Utilize a Web3 Wallet with user-friendly features.


Incorporate TAG's unique brand identity within the App to foster trust.


TAG has identified KryptoGO as the sole Wallet as a Service brand that can swiftly and seamlessly fulfill their requirements.

How can KryptoGO strengthen TAG's Web3 business?

The Pain

The Solution

Insufficient development resources to transform related services into an app.

KryptoGO offers wallet builder, delivering a robust Web3 Wallet with TAG's exclusive logo within one month, eliminating the need to hire additional engineers.


Traditional wallets pose high barriers and learning costs.

KryptoGO introduces a Social Login mechanism for TAG, enabling users to create a user-friendly Web3 Wallet using just their mobile phone number or email, reducing operating costs and simplifying the onboarding process.


Traditional wallet tools cluttered with other logos and advertisements.

TAG's dedicated wallet showcases only its service content and logo identification, providing a streamlined experience for users to focus on the TAG ecosystem.