KryptoGO Wallet

KryptoGO Wallet

The most user-friendly Web3 wallet.

Easily manage NFTs, cryptocurrencies, DeFi investments, and metaverse identities.


reduction in Web3 entry barriers


decrease in user operating costs


increase in new user registrations

High entry barriers and challenges in managing cross-chain assets are major obstacles that have hindered the widespread adoption of Web3 applications. KryptoGO Wallet is specifically designed to tackle these issues directly.

- Kordan, CEO, KryptoGO

Case Studies

The primary reason for the limited adoption of Web3 is the presence of high entry barriers and a fragmented user experience, leading many users to hesitate in embracing it.

After conducting extensive market research, user analysis, and close collaboration with project teams, we have developed the most user-friendly Web3 Wallet:


Minimal entry barrier (login via the phone number, Google, or Facebook account)


Simplified management of assets and investments across multiple chains using a single wallet


Convenient access and utilization of NFTs and their features.


KryptoGO Wallet is the most powerful Web3 wallet.

How does KryptoGO address the various obstacles that users/businesses face when entering Web3?

The Pain

The Solution

High entry barrier

With KryptoGO Wallet, you can create and own a wallet using just one account, such as a phone number, email, or Apple ID.


Difficulty managing assets across various chains and wallets, including NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and DeFi investments.

KryptoGO Wallet's multi-chain, multi-wallet feature allows you to view and manage all your assets across different chains in one place.


Manual importing of NFTs and reliance on additional tools for their functionalities..

KryptoGO Wallet provides a comprehensive NFT management tool and a system for batch NFT airdrops and online exchanges.


Verification of long and complex crypto addresses for asset transfers.

KryptoGO Wallet enables users to add frequently used transfer targets using phone numbers, eliminating the need for manual address verification.


Poor user experience and difficulties in interacting with DApps.

KryptoGO Wallet includes an optimized DApp browser that facilitates easy interaction with DApps on various chains.