Seamless onboarding with email, phone, and social logins
Unlock a seamless Web3 login experience with KryptoGO OAuth SDK. Our developer-friendly solution provides easy onboarding options, including email, phone, and social logins, for a smooth and user-friendly authentication process.
Developer-friendly integration
Integrate our SDK into your Web3 applications effortlessly. Our SDK allows developers to seamlessly onboard users, providing them with a familiar Web2 experience while securely accessing their private keys and mnemonic phrases stored on KryptoGO.
Seamless web3 login experience
With KryptoGO OAuth SDK, users can enjoy a frictionless login experience. Our solution supports popular authentication methods like Wallet Connect, email, phone, and social media logins. Users can choose their preferred login method, ensuring a convenient and personalized experience.

Simplify Web3 Authentication with KryptoGO OAuth SDK

Experience the convenience and security of KryptoGO OAuth SDK for seamless Web3 authentication. Empower your users with a user-friendly onboarding process, while ensuring their privacy and data security.

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