Integration of user data, blockchain addresses, and activity records
User 360 seamlessly integrates and correlates user data, blockchain addresses, and activity records to provide a comprehensive view and analysis. Enterprise customers can leverage this product to gain insights into user activities on the blockchain network, allowing for improved customer relationship management and effective marketing strategies.
Enhanced user interaction with KryptoGO all integration
User 360 integrates all of KryptoGO's products, allowing enterprise customers to better engage with their users and enhance the overall user experience. By leveraging the tools and data provided by KryptoGO, enterprise customers can gain deep insights into user needs and preferences, resulting in enhanced user experiences and increased customer loyalty.

Get Started with KryptoGO User 360

User 360 functions as data dashboard and AI-powered martech tool, focusing on managing the relationship between customers and their blockchain addresses, while providing valuable insights and engagement tool.

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