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KryptoGO uses blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and regulatory technology (RegTech) to build a safe, reliable, transparent, and decentralized virtual asset management platform that functions as a bridge between on-chain assets and offline applications for both personal and entrepreneurial use in Web 3.0.

KryptoGO Wallet

KryptoGO Wallet tracks cryptocurrencies, DeFi products, and NFTs on multiple chains and helps you understand your entire portfolio at a glance. The integrated dApp browser allows you to access decentralized apps whenever, whereever, just with your phone.

KryptoGO Wallet also supports NFTs as VIP Passes. Simply tap on applicable NFTs and scan the displayed QR code to verify that you own the token. Seamlessly redeem perks at parties or bars. No more hassle of duplicated redemptions or red tapes.

KryptoGO Compliance

KryptoGO Compliance is an One-Stop Solution for KY-A-B-C

KY-A-B-C is a one stop shop for companies to conduct blockchain analysis (KYA), corporate KYC (KYB), and individual KYC (KYC). Our solution revolutionizes traditional approaches to KYC/AML, using AI to automatically identify risk from all data sources.