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📮 FAQs

Which chains does KryptoGO support?

KryptoGO Wallet currently supports the following chains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, Arbitrum, Kucoin Community Chain, Ronin, Oasys.

We can also support any custom EVM chain quite easily. If you have a request, let us know.

How does KryptoGO store and manage my private keys/seed phrases?

Users' private keys and seed phrases are only stored locally on the users' devices. KryptoGO has no means to retrieve them. For more detailed descriptions and security mechanics, refer to Security and Wallet Safety.

How much does KryptoGO charge for its services?

KryptoGO Wallet is free for users. KryptoGO Studio is currently priced by module, on a case-by-case basis. Contact our sales to learn more.

How should I integrate KryptoGO Wallet into my own application?

A great place to start is to put KryptoGO Kit's connect wallet button whereever you're asking people to install MetaMask.

KryptoGO Kit is tailored for compatibility with other wallets and dapp browsers, ensuring a seamless experience even for users without an existing wallet.

I am an existing KryptoGO Compliance user. Why do I not see KryptoGO Compliance listed as one of your products?

KryptoGO Compliance is currently being revamped into a much more VASP-friendly version as we integrate it as one of the modules for KryptoGO Studio. Meanwhile, existing users can refer to the old user manual for instructions.

I still have other questions.

Sure! Talk to us via our official contact channels.