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🙇‍♀️ Compliance

KryptoGO Compliance provides a set of tools that allow businesses to KYC their users and collect customer risk assessment data.

Compliance helps enterprises complete compliance and security related legal requirements through a variety of KYC processes, which are necessary for many financial transactions, including those dealing with cryptocurrency. Additionally, it ensures user privacy and security during the identity verification process.


Compliance is in the process of being migrated to V2. This is the user manual for Compliance V1. For more information about the migration, contact us via our official contact channels.

KYC Processes

KYC Processes in Compliance refer to Identity Verification, Customer Due Diligence, Compliance Forms, and when applicable, Address Risk Screening.

Identity Verification

Identity Verification (IDV) in Compliance requires a user to submit their identity documents along with specific pictures, such as ones showing them holding their document, to verify their identity. Liveness check is also part of IDV.

Customer Due Diligence

Customer due diligence (CDD) in Compliance refers to the process of conducting a screening of an individual. The process is simplified and optimized, similar to performing a Google search. Upon screening completion, utilizing the capabilities of GPT's large language model, we can instantly provide a risk score for the screened subject.

Simply enter the name of the person you wish to conduct due diligence on. Our due diligence engine will search recent news and databases, including sanction lists and Dow Jones, to determine if the individual poses a high risk.

Compliance Forms

Forms are a easy way for businesses to collect compliance data tailored to their needs.

The form is made out of predefined components. Businesses may use any number of components in any order to create their own form, similar to Google Forms or SurveyCake. Our strengths? We have components that integrate KYC processes, and filled out forms are sent automatically into Compliance for record keeping.

You may customize your Form based on your business needs by providing your own logo, theme, and color palette.


You can find a demo form here.

Address Risk Screening

Address risk screening in Compliance helps associate the user's identity with their wallet address, otherwise known as KYA (know your address).

User KYC Statuses

A KryptoGO user has one of the four following KYC statuses at any given time. We assume a KryptoGO user has a KryptoGO account.

  • Verified: The user has passed all KYC processes––IDV, CDD, Forms, (and KYA if applicable).
  • Unverified: The user has not yet started any KYC processes.
  • Pending: The user has submitted any one KYC process and is awaiting verification.
  • Rejected: The user is rejected on any one KYC process.

Risk Score

A risk score is ranging from 0 to 100 is automatically assigned to users who have gone through CDD, and KYA, if applicable. Our system recommends the business to exercise more caution for customers with high risk scores.

Compliance APIs

We offer Compliance APIs for businesses who want to integrate user compliance data into their own application instead of using our Studio user interface. Compliance API specifications can be found here.


Compliance APIs are currently used for Compliance v1. We are currently migrating to Compliance v2. For more information on how the migration might affect API usage, contact us via our official contact channels.