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๐Ÿš€ NFT Boost

NFT Boost is a tool that helps businesses create and distribute their own NFT collection.

Creating an NFT Collectionโ€‹


  1. In KryptoGO Studio, select NFT Boost > Campaign on the left sidebar.
  2. Click the โ€œCreateโ€ button in the top right corner.
  3. Fill in the required information, including but not limited to:
    1. NFT image
    2. NFT collection name
    3. NFT symbol name
    4. NFT collection description
    5. NFT collection banner image
    6. Number of NFTs to issue

โš ๏ธ We currently do not support multiple images in a collection, or images with mix-and-match traits. If this is a feature you need, reach out to us via our official contact channels.

NFT Mint Pageโ€‹

Once an NFT collection has been created, an NFT mint page for that collection is automatically generated. Share that link with your users or community and have them mint an NFT, for free, even without previously owning a crypto wallet.


๐Ÿ“Œ This is a demo mint page.

Hereโ€™s how it works.

Suppose Company A created an NFT collection and published the mint page link on their social feed.

A user, Tom, sees the link and clicks on the โ€œClaimโ€ button to mint their NFT.

  1. Tom will need to provide either his phone number, or his email, based on settings set in KryptoGO Studio by Company A.
  2. Company A pays for the gas fees associated with the mint, from their organizationโ€™s wallet. The company will be able to keep track of funds spent in AssetPro Treasury.
  3. If Tom provided a phone number or email not associated with a KryptoGO user account, a crypto wallet is automatically generated for Tom.
  4. Tom will then receive a prompt to download KryptoGO Wallet. Once he downloads and logins using the same phone number or email he provided, Tom will then see the NFT already residing in his wallet.

Other toolsโ€‹

NFT Airdropโ€‹

KryptoGO NFT Airdrop removes all barriers to entry when it comes to distributing NFTs.

This is for businesses that want to distribute an NFT or utilize NFT airdropping functionality in their own project without using KryptoGO Studio.

Whether you're targeting a specific group of individuals or a wider audience, you can easily reach them through email or phone. Users don't even need to own a wallet first -- this seamless distribution process ensures that your NFTs are accessible to the intended recipients.

We can airdrop users NFTs that fit one of the following description:

  • The NFT contract is created by KryptoGO.
  • The NFT contract is created by you, and KryptoGO is granted permission to mint.

The airdrop is made possible via our Airdrop API in Wallet APIs. To learn more, reach us through our official contact channels.

NFT Utility Dashboardโ€‹

KryptoGO NFT Utility Dashboard provides a fast and efficient way for anyone to offer benefits to holders of a specific NFT collection who are using KryptoGO Wallet. Users will be able to view the utilities you offer in KryptoGO Wallet and redeem them online or offline, creating a seamless transition between web2 and web3.

To promote your brand to holders of a specific collection, you can target said NFT holders using KryptoGO Dashboard.


Here's a demo of how KryptoGO Dashboard works.