Customized user onboarding website
KryptoGO ComplyFlow allows VASPs to create a customized website that aligns with their brand identity and showcases their unique value propositions. You can also customize your own unique URL to ensure a consistent and professional user experience while collecting essential compliance data.
Custom data collection for enhanced VASP compliance
KryptoGO ComplyFlow provides a customizable landing page where VASPs can easily design and customize the data collection process according to their specific compliance requirements. This enables VASPs to collect relevant information from users during registration, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Integration with Compliance Pro for Efficient and Automated KYC/AML

KryptoGO ComplyFlow seamlessly integrates with Compliance Pro, automating the KYC/AML process. Collected data is automatically validated and combined with our review service, providing VASPs with efficient and comprehensive customer risk assessment reports.

Streamline VASPs’ Compliance with KryptoGO ComplyFlow

Experience the benefits of streamlined data collection and enhanced VASP compliance. Contact us today to get started with KryptoGO ComplyFlow and elevate your compliance processes to a new level.

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