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Virtual Asset Management Platform

Virtual Asset Management Platform

Track the gains and losses of cryptocurrencies, DeFi products, and NFTs.

Single-click Investing

Single-click Investing

Invest in DeFi products, compliant funds, and personal funds with just a single click.

Social Investing

Social Investing

Easily acquire firsthand insight on projects, currencies, or the ecosystem on the whole with direct messaging, featured posts, and group discussion forums.

Community Governance

Community Governance

Help DAOs overcome technical difficulties and improve organizational functions so more members can participate hands-on in community construction and governance.

Decentralized Identity Authentication

Decentralized Identity Authentication

Prevent fraud, increase trust, and comply with international VASP's regulations.

Passport in Web 3.0 & Metaverse

Passport in Web 3.0 & Metaverse

KryptoGO Wallet functions as a trusted passport in Web 3.0 and the metaverse to prove your identity and status on the chain.

KryptoGO Wallet

The Only Wallet You Need to Manage All Your Virtual Assets

A multi-chain wallet that can be easily used by cryptocurrency novices, experienced users, and asset managers alike.

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  • Multi-chain Asset Management

    Multi-chain Asset Management

    Consolidate and manage all your assets in one application.

  • Invest & Earn

    Invest & Earn

    With just one click, easily grow your wealth with more than 10% APY.

  • 10-Second Registration

    10-Second Registration

    Register with your phone number and import straight from your phone contacts.

  • NFTs as VIP Passes

    NFTs as VIP Passes

    Verify ownership of NFTs and seamlessly redeem rewards.

  • Chat, Send, & Receive

    Chat, Send, & Receive

    Add contacts either by wallet address or phone number.

  • Multiple Ways to Connect

    Multiple Ways to Connect

    In-app DApp Browser. WalletConnect supported.

Multi-chain Asset Management
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KryptoGO Compliance

One-Stop Solution for KY-A-B-C

KY-A-B-C is a one stop shop for companies to conduct blockchain analysis (KYA), corporate KYC (KYB), and individual KYC (KYC). Our solution revolutionizes traditional approaches to KYC/AML, using AI to automatically identify risk from all data sources.

Why is KryptoGO Unique?

How does it stand out?

Regulatory Compliant and Trustworthy Decentralized Wallet

Our asset management platform is verified by the International Organization for Standardization and passes the ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 standards.

Regulatory Compliant and Trustworthy Decentralized Wallet

Multi-Chain Portfolio Tracking

Our asset management platform tracks cryptocurrencies, DeFi products, and NFTs on multiple chains and helps you understand your entire portfolio at a glance.

Multi-Chain Portfolio Tracking

Identity Verification for Both Parties

Whether it be project owners, fund managers, or individual investors, KryptoGO Compliance authenticates and performs due diligence on all users on the platform. Users who trust us can also trust the party with which they are interacting.

Identity Verification for Both Parties

Linking the Virtual World with the Real World

We assist NFT project teams in giving their NFTs more utility. Assets on-chain can be utilized in real-world scenarios such as providing access to private events by verifying ownership of their NFT in KryptoGO Wallet. Credit built on-chain can be used for offline verification and for claiming additional, real-life rewards.

Linking the Virtual World with the Real World

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