Why KryptoGO

Powerful and trustworthy

Powerful and trustworthy

Verified by the industry iteratively
Focus on your specialty
Choose the features you want, we’ll do the rest
No need for blockchain engineering team


Directly connect to the Web3 world with your phone number
NFT pass, membership, and empowerment system
Web / APP can have Web3 functions through APIs
Secure and compliant

Secure and compliant

Certified to ISO 27001 (Information)、27701 (personal data)
Certified AML license, CAMS
Powerful KYC verification

NFT Solution

NFT as the Web3 pass

The most trendy way for members to receive benefits and privileges.


Fits with all kinds of business
Airdrop NFT through phone number
Empowerment binding, managing, and underwriting

Suitable for those who…

Create an New innovative brand image
Build a stan base, strengthen user’s retention
Cross-brand joint marketing


Increase conversion rate by 25~52%
Increase retention rate by 20~43%
Empowered redemption rate of 30~60%
Reduce customer step more than 6 times

NFT Soluton +

Import NFT Solutions in your own services through API!

All the benefits of the NFT Solution can be easily integrated into your existing services through the API. Reduce development costs, improve service quality, and most importantly, everything happens in your environment!


Verify NFT and ownership
Easily airdrop empowerments
Quickly track the status of redeemed status

Suitable for those who…

Import NFT business for membership system
No Web 3 engineer in your team
Run system directly on your own services


Experience Web3 on your App/Web
Increase conversion rate by 25~52%
Increase retention rate by 20~43%
90% less waiting time than normal process

KryptoGO Kit

Start your Web3 business by adding "Connect Wallet"

Easily add the "Connect Wallet" button to your Web / App with KryptoGO Kit SDK to start Web3 business quickly!


Embed cryptocurrency wallets in web / apps
Users can interact with various Web3 applications
Customize wallet list / style to match the brand

Suitable for those who…

Import Web3 business on your web / app
Lower the barrier of crypto wallets
Customize the interface and improve the UX


Totally free
Beautiful, intuitive wallet connection functions
Easy interface with existing service

White Label Wallet

Everything tailor-made and brand-exclusive

Full of imagination and ready to do something big? Let KryptoGO be your strongest backing. We provide white label service, customize your exclusive Web3 wallet; on-chain data tracking, CRM connecting, DApp, GameFi, OTC are all a cinch. Imagination is your only limitation!


Starter, growth, enterprise pitch charge
Simple, powerful, and securely compliant
Integrate multiple chains & wallets
Full commercial wallet capabilities
Create your own Web3 CRM
Play with Web3 token economy
Full Customization

Transform Your Web2 Apps into

Web3 DApps.