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Changelog 32


  • Enhanced flexibility in login options: Organizations may restrict the methods with which users use to log in -- for instance, only using their email or phone number.

User 360 - Audience

  • Each user's KYC status now updates faster, improving the consistency between the CRM list and the KYC review center.

NFT Boost - Campaign

  • NFT projects for different Studio organizations are now isolated from on another, preventing potential confusion.



  • Email notifications for review results: When a customer's KYC review result have been finalized (whether approved or declined), an email will be sent to the customer automatically.
  • A friendlier resubmission processs: Customers who have been declined can now resubmit applications without manually contacting customer service.


  • We've added an IP whitelist feature to the original Compliance (1.0). Your organization's administrators can now define IP addresses that are allowed to log in to the system, preventing unauthorized or unsafe access.


  • The correct amount of MATIC in the organization's AssetPro > Treasury wallet will now be displayed.
  • Resolved an issue where the gas fees for NFT Boost (publishing and minting NFTs) were not being correctly charged to the appropriate organization. Costs will now be deducted from the corresponding organization.