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Changelog 26

Released December 6, 2023


  • Switching organizations is now possible if you belong to multiple organizations in KryptoGO Studio.

  • Sidebar and Overview: Shows studio modules available to the current organization.

  • Multi-language support: English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Vietnamese

User 360

  • User 360 Admins can see the list of users and their information (including KYC status) in User 360 > Audience.

  • Click on the user to see the user’s DNA -- even more detailed information on the user's profile and activity. Data shown can include user's email, phone, legal name, wallet addresses, and wallet balances (EVM wallets for now).


    A user is defined as anyone who has sent in a KYC request, or signed up to use the wallet through this organization. Different KYC statuses include: approved, rejected, pending.

    Go to User 360 > Data > Compliance to see related Compliance information of the organization, including:

    • number of KYC (Form, IDV, and CDD) events.
    • KYC statuses (approved, pending, rejected)
    • For more information on what these mean, refer to Compliance.


  • Fixed a bug where data would not show up in User 360 for verified users.
  • Fixed a bug where unverified users would have their KYC timestamp default to 1970/01/01.
  • Fixed a bug where newly invited AssetPro admins would not be able to see the transactions history.
  • Fixed a bug where refreshing AssetPro > Treasury multiple times would result in an error due to API restrictions.
  • Fixed a missing line break in AssetPro > Send.
  • Fixed the missing country code when looking up a phone number via AssetPro.
  • Optimized the AssetPro transaction footer for single pages.