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Changelog 27

Released December 21, 2023


  • The sidebar is now responsive and scales accordingly with window size.

User 360

  • The user id (uid) field is moved from User 360 > Audience to User 360 > DNA.
  • User 360 > Audience now includes date from Compliance Forms.


Send Page

  • Sending via phone or email to a person who has passed KYC verification also shows ther person's legal name.

Transaction History

  • In the transaction history, transactions with recipients identified not solely by the wallet address also shows relevant information of the recipients, such as legal name or wallet identifier.
  • Click on the recipient in the transaction history to navigate to the recipient's User DNA page.
  • Traders are able to see their own transactions, but not those initiated by others.


  • Fixed some localization issues and the occasional slow speed encountered while using NFT Boost.
  • Fixed a bug where the "All" filter for AssetPro cannot be clicked on.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Ascending/Descending" sort order for User 360 > Audience does nothing when clicked on.
  • Fixed a bug where accounts that are automatically logged out may be unable to log back in.
  • Compliance Forms that requires logging in with a KryptoGO account have the "wallet address" field removed (because a KryptoGO account automatically provides the wallet address).
  • Fixed the default value of "Form Applied At" for Compliance Forms for users who leave the form unfinished.
  • Fixed a bug where KYC verified users would not have their data (e.g. legal name) automatically filled in certain operations.
  • Fixed the occasional Vercel deployment errors on NFT Boost mint pages.
  • Fixed a few UI bugs related to color gradients and pop-up modals.