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Changelog 28

Released January 3, 2024


  • A Task Preview section is now available on the Overview page. It currently shows the number of KYC tasks awaiting review.

  • Increased the stability of the following operations related to permissions: creating an organization, updating a studio user's permissions, and inviting a user into an organization.

User 360


  • Based on the number of tasks awaiting review, a number is now shown on the sidebar in a red dot beside Audience.
  • Anti money laundering (AML) risk scores are now shown for both high and low score individuals.
  • New users now appear in Audience shortly after submitting a Form.



  • No more floating point errors when trying to send funds.
  • This page is now responsive, making it much friendlier for a mobile interface.

Transaction History

  • This page is now responsive, making it much friendlier for a mobile interface.

NFT Boost

  • Clicking on an NFT mint page link now opens the page in a new tab instead of in the current tab.


  • Fixed an issue where the corresponding error message was not displayed when the organization's funding pool balance was insufficient during a send operation.
  • Fixed an issue where requests were cached by the CDN, causing delays in updating organizational data
  • Fixed an issue where viewing the last page resulted in invalid search results.
  • Fixed an issue where the page number did not change according to the selected filter options.
  • Fixed an issue where the country code dropdown menu in the NFT mint page claim window was truncated.
  • The Treasury QR code has now been changed to display the blockchain address.