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Changelog 31

Released March 6, 2024


  • Compliance and KYC Forms are now optional subscription add-ons in KryptoGO Studio. This change is done to prevent organizations who have no need of KYC Forms from seeing a blank Audience page, leading to confusion.
  • Specifically for users belonging to multiple organizations: when you click on an invitation from a different organization, you will automatically be redirected the most recent organization.

User 360 - Audience

  • Viewing identity verification results of the same customer is now more convenient -- KYC verification results and customer status data are now consolidated in Audience.


  • Identity Verification (IDV) and Know Your Customer (KYC status) are now separate filter options, allowing you more flexibility when querying customer statuses.
  • The KYC experience is now responsive and adapts to both mobile and computer screens.


  • The review button on the Compliance Review screen will no longer be blocked even when the browser screen scale is at 100%.
  • Fixed an issue with permission invitations. Now, individuals who have been upgraded from Member to Owner can correctly see the invite button and further invite other collaborators.
  • Resolved a couple of issues in NFT Boost, including the incorrect available balance in the liquidity pool and the incorrect deduction of gas fees.
  • Fixed an issue where the Audience profiles of customers who had passed KYC were not being updated synchronously.