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Changelog 30

Released February 21, 2024


  • Improved security for login procedures for both KryptoGO Studio and the Web SDK with the inclusion of reCAPTCHA.
  • Updated localizations. We currently support the following languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Spanish, Vietnamese.


MAJOR UPDATE: Compliance is now officially launched in KryptoGO Studio, featuring many reputable data sources for due diligence and a smooth KYC reviewing experience. It is the ultimate tool for KYC, AML, and managing customer risk data!

  • Compliance supports one-click approval or rejection for reviewing KYC submissions.
  • To help you make comprehensive assessments, Compliance provides detailed verification of ID photos, consolidates personal risk information, and integrates data sources such as the Dow Jones database, court judgments, and news to automatically calculate a money laundering risk score for each incoming client.
  • Instantly see the application documents submitted by clients in the Compliance Case List. Case statuses are updated in real-time in User 360, allowing you to seamlessly integrate CRM between Web2 and Web3.
  • Even after the KYC review is completed, you can still change the case status to approved or rejected at any time, as well as make notes on the case review record.
  • Both the desktop version and the mobile version are built with responsive UI, ensuring max work efficiency no matter the device you are on.

NFT Boost, Campaigns

  • Upload your chosen image in the (.ico) format to serve as the favicon of your NFT Mint Page!
  • For maximum flexibility, you now have the option to change the title or subtitle of the NFT Mint Page even if the campaign is already active!


  • Resolved an issue where deploying or minting an NFT using NFT Boost expends funds from the wrong organization.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing on the "Edit Allowance" button in Asset Pro > Send Token would redirect to the wrong page. It now correctly redirects the user to AssetPro > Operators for a better user experience.