Navigating Compliance in Taiwan's Cryptocurrency Market: From Fraud Prevention to Enhanced Regulation


With the digital currency boom catalyzing a fintech revolution, the accompanying challenges of security and compliance are escalating. Taiwan's cryptocurrency environment, experiencing rapid growth, faces a dynamic landscape of scam tactics and money laundering risks. This underscores the pivotal role of compliance in ensuring the industry's health and ongoing development.

Cryptocurrency Compliance Regulation and Transaction Security in Taiwan

Statistics from 2023 highlight the effective collaboration between Taiwanese local forces and financial institutions in thwarting scam activities totaling NT$8.989 billion. Despite these successes, the evolution of scam methods, including the advent of the "OTC home dealer" service, reveals gaps in the existing regulatory frameworks. Instances of fraudulent OTC organizations masquerading as fortune tellers and Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs) being exploited for money laundering underscore the regulatory challenges in addressing emerging scams. The diversity of these tactics and the exploitation of societal trust by criminals, alongside the use of BTMs for laundering, spotlight the hurdles technological progress brings to the fight against fraud and money laundering.


The intricate nature of these cases, often intertwined with international criminal networks, complicates efforts to track and counteract them, jeopardizing investor interests and raising concerns about the security of personal assets. The inherent global and anonymous characteristics of cryptocurrencies serve as ideal tools for criminals to conceal and transfer illicit proceeds, posing threats to the integrity and stability of the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

To counter these challenges effectively, Taiwan's Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) has instituted a comprehensive set of cryptocurrency compliance regulations and guidelines. These measures aim to bolster the oversight of cryptocurrency issuance and trading, safeguarding investor rights in the process.

The FSC's Cryptocurrency Compliance Framework and Regulatory Strategies

The FSC's issuance of guidelines and the drafting of specific laws have significantly tightened the regulation of cryptocurrency issuance and trading. Efforts range from enhancing management of issuances to establishing mechanisms for reviewing asset listings and delistings, ensuring segregation of assets and client funds, and improving the fairness and transparency of trading. Notably, it mandates that individual P2P dealers engaging in more than three transactions must fulfill legal compliance declarations, AML and tax reporting, reinforcing transaction transparency and security.

Self-Regulation and Innovation: Prospects for Taiwan's Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASP)

In Taiwan, cryptocurrency trading platforms and service providers are championing self-regulation. The formation of the "Taiwan Virtual Asset Service Provider Preparatory Office" aims to elevate industry standards and foster a harmonious blend of innovation and compliance. This initiative positions Taiwan to maintain a competitive edge in the global cryptocurrency marketplace.

KryptoGO Provides Comprehensive Compliance Solutions for VASPs

KryptoGO's implementation of robust identity verification and transaction security monitoring ensures clients meet the FSC's compliance requirements. Beyond aiding operators in fulfilling compliance obligations, KryptoGO enhances a safer and more transparent trading environment for investors, effectively deterring fraud and money laundering while protecting investor assets.

The left image depicts an enterprise user conducting counterparty identity verification and transaction risk assessment in KryptoGO Studio. The right image shows an end user scanning a contract address in KryptoGO Wallet during a transaction.

KryptoGO Studio: Ensuring Enterprise-Level Security and Compliance

KryptoGO Studio offers businesses a full suite of security testing and compliance tools. Its features allow for comprehensive identity verification (KYC) and address risk assessments (KYA), identifying and mitigating potential money laundering risks, providing real-time risk alerts, and ensuring adherence to the latest regulatory standards.

KryptoGO Wallet: A Secure Trading Experience for End Users

KryptoGO Wallet provides a secure and trustworthy platform for virtual asset transactions. Users can effortlessly scan contracts or addresses pre-transaction to assess trade risk warnings. Furthermore, AI integration for real-time updates of the anti-scam website database alerts users to phishing sites, preventing scams and enhancing transaction security.

A Frontline Defense Against Money Laundering and Ensuring Compliance

KryptoGO stands out not only in fraud prevention but also in its critical support for anti-money laundering (AML) and compliance efforts. Automated processes for user identity verification and regular risk assessments help businesses mitigate the risk of money laundering. KryptoGO Studio, leveraging the latest GPT models, swiftly generates risk analysis reports that comply with regulatory requirements, offering comprehensive compliance support for corporate clients.


The rapid growth of virtual assets underscores the paramount challenge of ensuring transaction security and adherence to regulatory standards in the cryptocurrency market. Positioned at the innovation forefront in Taiwan, KryptoGO is dedicated to providing all-encompassing security solutions and compliance services, ensuring your business thrives securely in the burgeoning era of cryptocurrency.

Elevating Security and Compliance in Crypto activities — KryptoGO's Commitment

KryptoGO equips enterprises with the KryptoGO Studio for thorough user identity verification and transaction risk assessment. The KryptoGO Wallet also offers unparalleled security to end users, allowing for easy identification and prevention of potential scams and money laundering risks, ensuring each transaction is conducted safely.

Aligning with Taiwan and the World's Financial Regulatory Authorities — KryptoGO's Compliance Edge

As a compliance trailblazer, KryptoGO closely monitors the latest directives from CAMs and FATF, ensuring our services not only comply with local laws but also anticipate future regulatory trends globally. Our aim is to seamlessly align your business with both Taiwan's and the global standards for cryptocurrency compliance, ushering in a new chapter of secure and compliant trading.


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