KryptoGO team wins three ETHGlobal Tokyo Hackathon Awards! Join hands with YGG Japan and IVC to lay out GamiFi industry


The KryptoGO team, led by CEO Kordan Ou, participated in the ETHGlobal Tokyo Hackathon from April 14 to 16, and launched the GameFi Solution project "Kukupon," won three awards of 1inch, WorldCoin and Polygon, of which 1inch won the greatest prize! KryptoGO's ability to develop GameFi solutions was recognized internationally.

As for the winning project, Kordan explained that Kukupon is a wallet designed for blockchain games. Currently, blockchain games or GameFi face many challenges, including promotion difficulties, real-name authentication requirements, difficulty attracting experienced players, high entry barriers for new players, low conversion rate of KOL marketing, performance limitations, etc. There is also a need to build strong communities and ecosystems in the GameFi field.

In response to these challenges, Kukupon has come up with a variety of solutions, such as open player or KOL sponsorship, allowing other players to participate for free, and giving game developers the freedom to allocate promotional budgets.

"It's like a real-world gift card." Kukupon, with its combination of gift cards and blockchain technology, offers users a secure way to enter the GameFi world by using codes to redeem in-game rewards or currency. Game developers can also easily engage players by offering discounts. Kukupon makes it easy to track promotional results and target specific user groups, making it an effective tool for marketing and community building campaigns.

In addition, Kukupon utilizes unique technologies such as ERC-4337 for handling private key issues, L2 for speeding up transactions, and Zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) to ensure player identity is verified and to avoid double redemption.

Kukupon eliminates the GameFi need for private keys and wallets, allowing users to make transactions without having to have a specific amount of money or any of the memory burdens associated with private key processing, allowing players to access accounts and play games using the same code on different devices.

KryptoGO worked with YGG Japan and IVC to develop the GamiFi industry

"In addition to regtech, WaaS (Wallet as s Service) also is KryptoGO's specialty, helping companies address the issues of onboarding, and scaling in the Web 3 world," said Kordan. Like the winning project, KryptoGO will be actively pursuing GameFi with WaaS services in the future.

Kordan points out that the GameFi industry needs to attract more Web2 gamers to switch to Web3 to play blockchain games. However, many mass gamers are not familiar with blockchain, "so our key proposition is, to provide an easy-to-use wallet that allows them to communicate across games and hold all game assets securely." he said.

The award also reflects KryptoGO's commitment to the GameFi industry this year, as it has formed a joint venture with YGG Japan, the largest blockchain gaming union, and IVC, one of the largest GameFi Ventures, to develop the GameFi wallet.

In this partnership, KryptoGO's role is to optimize the experience of managing game assets across the chain. At GameFi, many game developers prefer to develop their own blockchains, which will raise the barrier to entry for players, and KryptoGO WaaS "multi-chain asset management" and "user-friendly" can solve this problem. Users can manage all their virtual assets with just a phone number, making the transition from Web2 to Web3 games easier; regardless of which blockchain the game is running on, all game assets are accessible and highly secure in KryptoGO WaaS, making it the best choice for cross-game inventory!

[About KryptoGO]

KryptoGO is a one-stop Web3 infrastructure platform that focuses on security and compliance. It uses blockchain, artificial intelligence and regtech to build a secure, reliable and fully transparent decentralized financial virtual asset management platform. Provide reliable virtual asset management functions for enterprises and individual users, and become a solid bridge connecting on-chain assets to offline applications.

KryptoGO has WaaS (Wallet as a Service), which can manage all virtual assets of users, support multi-chain management, NFT authentication and DApp connection functions, also provide one-stop identity authentication and risk review solutions in line with government regulations to facilitate enterprise compliance.

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