Product Launch Update: September 6th, 2023


Hey friends, and welcome back to another biweekly update!!!!!

Five exclamation marks! Do I sound excited? That’s because I am!

Though it is customary for this newsletter to cover product updates primarily from the perspective of feature development (i.e., Tell me exactly what’s new in this version), and secondarily from a user story perspective (i.e., Why was this feature prioritized? What was the thought process, and what value do we hope to bring to our users?), once in a while a public event of high significance comes along and hijacks this newsletter — just because it is, well, highly significant.

And if this isn’t that event, then I don’t know what is.

I’m talking about, of course, the culmination of years worth of product development and iteration into a beautifully packaged, newly launched product — KryptoGO Studio. Along with it comes our website, freshly and beautifully dressed in new garb. And of course, we had our product launch press conference, which the entire team of KryptoGO dropped their ongoing work to help rehearse, plan, and host.

Here’s just some of the highlights, with photographs to help you better imagine the festivity.

There were a distinguished cast of Web3 and blockchain experts who attended our product launch conference to discuss entrepreneurism and technology related topics, and vouch for our work ethic and product potential👇

Our CEO, CTO, and Head of Product gave speeches on different aspects of our newly launched KryptoGO Studio👇

There were cute decor, and tiny hamburgers (yum), among other foods👇

We had live demonstrations and answered questions on how KryptoGO Studio worked👇

And here’s the audience holding up curious gestures, KryptoGO bosses in black, and our team all gorged in xanthic delight👇

All in all, the conference was hugely successful and garnered significant media attention. It would be beyond the scope of this newsletter to go into details of the newly launched KryptoGO Studio product (also, wouldn’t want this update to become way too long), but I encourage you to visit our website for more details. Just know that these two weeks (and the building blocks accumulated over the past many years, for that matter), the team has been working extra hard to bring this product to fruition, and consequently resulted in a successful product launch media conference.

That’s it for this week!

Have feedback, or encountered any issues with any of our products? Don’t hesitate to contact us via Discord, or via any of our other social media links listed below.

See you in two more!

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