Biweekly Dev Update: October 12th, 2022


Hey friends, and welcome back to another biweekly update.

This week, we’re reimagining how wallet data can be shown. Based on our internal discussions as well as feedback collected from our users, we’ve decided to shuffle the tabs around in a way which makes navigation more intuitive.

Tabs are shuffled!

Let us waste no time and start shuffling!

We’re Shufflin’ the Tabs

When the Multiple Multi-Wallet Update was introduced at the end of August, the Home Tab was designed to be a comprehensive, consolidated portfolio which told users what assets they had on all supported chains at a glance. They’d also be able to see their most valuable assets listed in order of monetary value (floor price, in the case of NFTs), as well as an asset distribution analysis of their account.

The Wallet Tab, on the other hand, would list all the different wallets that belonged under the user’s phone number, as well as assets for every wallet. While both the Home Tab and the Wallet Tab served their purposes, we’ve since discovered that having two tabs display information that was quite similar introduced a bit more redundancy than we liked. Users reported that they got confused why there was a balance discrepancy between the Home Tab and the Wallet Tab, or why certain assets appeared only in the one tab and not the other.

In addition, with the Airdrop Center introduced in September, and with our plan to emphasize NFT utility and their real world applications, nesting NFTs three layers deep under Wallet Tab > Wallet > NFTs didn’t make a whole lot of sense in terms of usability. Based on our internal discussions and user feedback, we’ve reimagined how wallet data can be shown in the app, hoping to provide a better user experience and more intuitive navigation for all our users.

Here are the major changes:

  • Home Tab and Wallet Tab have been merged together, into a new and improved Home Tab. This means no more confusion on where to go to see your comprehensive portfolio and all your assets. We’ve also moved asset distribution analysis, transactions, wallet management, the gas tracker, and other related features to corresponding sub tabs under the Home Tab.

The new and improved Home Tab, with Assets, Wallets, and Activity sub tabs

  • New Collectibles Tab. The Collectibles Tab show all your NFTs in one place. Putting NFTs in a tab of its own gives us more phone screen estate to show off your favorite artwork and PFPs. We’ve also moved the Airdrop Center to the Collectibles Tab, allowing users to view their NFT utility with a quick swipe of the finger.

The new Collectibles Tab houses all your NFTs, as well as the Airdrop Center.

  • There’s also a hidden bonus feature that allows you to see your NFTs as if they’re on NFT Instagram (heh). Just long press on Collections in the Collectibles Tab.

NFT Instagram, right in KryptoGO Wallet

QoL Improvements:

  • Transactions show relevant wallet addresses instead of the transaction hash. For instance, send and receive transactions show the wallet address to and from which the funds were sent. The transaction hash can still be found on the detailed transaction screen.

Transactions now show relevant wallet addresses instead of transaction hash.

  • Wrap, unwrap, approve, and revoke transaction type support for EVM chains other than Ethereum.
  • More precision for token amounts: now truncates numbers to the thousandths instead of rounding to the nearest hundredths, e.g., 1.0155 USDC now shows up us 1.015 USDC instead of 1.02 USDC.
  • MP3 and MP4 multimedia NFTs will now show up correctly and can be played back.
  • Users with no NFTs can receive a KryptoGO Yacht Club NFT, on the house! Just click on the Collectibles Tab and follow the instructions :)

receive a KryptoGO Yacht Club NFT, on the house!

  • Swipe to reveal the QR code on the backside of NFTs, rather than tapping.


  • fixed a bug where the NFT list wasn’t refreshing.
  • fixed a bug where users logging in to KryptoGO Wallet with a new device would see the native system’s permission popup (asking for notification permissions) before KryptoGO’s own permission popup.


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