Biweekly Dev Update: March 8th, 2023


Hey friends, and welcome back to another biweekly update. With our suite of services and tools growing, it is inevitable that some weeks, we need to focus on the groundwork and bug fixes instead of implementing shiny new features. As such, here is a list of fixes and improvements that we’ve made across our products.


KryptoGO Wallet

  • Fixed some consistency issues with the Ronin chain. More specifically, some screens (e.g., Manage Wallet Group, Manage EVM Wallet, Set Payment Wallet) were missing the corresponding option for Ronin.
  • Fixed a bug where user NFTs were sometimes not showing up correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where transaction notifications were sometimes not showing up correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where the wallet balance did not update timely after receiving an incoming transaction notification.
  • Fixed a bug where the NFT collection did not update timely after receiving an incoming NFT notification.
  • Fixed a bug where allowing camera permissions on Android (for the QR code scanner) also required the user the open his/her album, an unwanted side effect.
  • NFTs with close to no market value will no longer have their floor price displayed.
  • Added support for manually adjusting Tron gas fees.
  • Fixed a bug where new users will encounter the same popups mutliple times during the onboarding process.

Stickey Wallet (YGG Japan Collab GameFi Wallet)

  • Fixed a bug where users already with an account still sees the Create Account screen when they log in.
  • Fixed a screen navigation error in Manage Account and Settings.

We’ve released the Closed Beta Version of Stickey Wallet for YGG Japan to do internal testing. Keep your eyes peeled for new announcements coming soon.

Browser Wallet Extension

  • Fixed a bug where an error message would show when trying to approve a token.
  • Fixed a bug where nothing would show up when trying to approve a token.
  • Added support for multiple languages.
  • Fixed a bug where if Chinese is used as the default language, the transaction history would show up as empty.
  • Added a tooltip for users with no NFT collectibles, instead of just showing a blank screen.
  • The relevant wallet addresses are now displayed in the transaction screen.
  • The first screen users see after logging in is now always the Home Screen.
  • Added a timeout for sending tokens to prevent unwanted accidental transactions.


We strive to constantly improve and enhance your experience with our wallet. Have feedback or encountered any issues? Don’t hesitate to contact us via Discord, or via any of our other social media links listed below.

See you in two more!

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