Biweekly Dev Update: June 7th, 2023


Hey friends, and welcome back to another biweekly update.

We’re keeping this week short, since most features this week focus on back end and architectural changes, as mentioned (and continued) from the last update. We’ll just leave you with this list of bug fixes and improvements, and a lot of free time on your hands to go live your wonderful and exciting life :)

  • Fixed a bug where users would get stuck on the Create/Import Wallet screen.
  • The user interface for wallets on the Wallet screen and in the Wallet Manager have been updated to be consistent with each other.
  • A new Account Page now replaces the original Edit Account screen. In it, you can change your username, your connected phone number (if applicable), or your connected email (if applicable). More features will be catalogued here in the future.

  • In-app icons can now be tinted based on the theme color.
  • Fixed a bug where certain DApps (e.g. Opensea, POAP) do not function correctly in the DApp browser.
  • Fixed a bug where the balance shown for imported wallet groups are incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug where wallets would deselect themselves on the Import Wallet Screen.
  • A sneak peak at dark mode… Soon™️.

A blessing for tired eyes.


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See you in two more!

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