Biweekly Dev Update, November 29th, 2023


Hey friends, and welcome back to another biweekly update.

In the last update, we mentioned two upcoming events:

  1. Our wallet app launch on Product Hunt, and
  2. Our participation in Meet Taipei, one of the largest startup conferences in Taiwan.

We’ve put in a lot of effort for these events, and both are now fully prepared and ready to go. Let’s take a look 👀

Also, we’ll have the familiar bug fix list at the end of this update, as well as a list of security updates that we’ve made for both the wallet app and the corresponding backend.


Product Hunt Wallet Launch

We’re launching our wallet application on Product Hunt, tomorrow, at 12:01 AM PST time. That’s 4:01 PM Taiwan time.

Existing users and new users alike, the team at KryptoGO will greatly appreciate you if you would take some time to engage with our launchupvote, give us some feedback, or leave a comment about your experience with the app.

Relevant links will be posted here once launching is complete.

This app launch serves a twofold purpose. First, it gives the team a chance to view our wallet app through a more objective lens and figure out what features are more important to both the team and the end users, helping the team align short to medium term development goals. Second, we’re hoping to start building a community/user base in the US and among other English-speaking populations, and Product Hunt seems like a good starting point.

Again, help us out by engaging with our launch with the link provided above 😘.

Let’s work on making KryptoGO Wallet the best web3 wallet for you.


The Color of You — A “Soul Wallet” Experience

When you choose your wallet in the real world, there are a lot qualities a wallet can have which you can tailor to you preference. The brand. The build. The capacity. The texture. The color. The finish.

However, in web3, the core of a wallet is just a wallet address, which users can access via the corresponding seed phrase or private key. For instance, when a new Ethereum user starts using Ethereum and sees that their wallet address is:


It’s highly likely that the user feels no particular connection to this wallet.

This year at Meet Taipei, we’re experimenting with a “soul wallet” experience to change this feeling of detachment. Instead of assigning a random wallet address to the user, the user provides their date of birth, and we’ll generate a wallet for the user based on their birthday,✨soul color and soul crystal✨.

Take Daniel, born March 01, 2000.

Our system does some whimsical fortune telling and determines that Daniel has a peaceful and caring personality whose soul color is azure and soul crystal is lazurite. Therefore, the wallet generated for Daniel ends in 0301 (March 1st), and has a color scheme and theme based around his supposed personality. Pretty cool, right?

You can find us at our booth at Meet Taipei from November 30th to December 2nd. If not, you can try out the experience online, right here.


Security Changelog

We’ve recently undergone Cure53 code auditing and penetration testing to further ensure safety of our user assets. To that end, we’ve also made further changes to improve our security.

  • Added reCAPTCHA to email and phone number login to prevent bot abuse.
  • Sensitive data are now hashed using argon2 instead of bcrypt.
  • We’ve changed the way we store some user data to more heavily depend on secure storage instead of Hive database.
  • We’ve updated the BoringSSL cryptographic library.
  • Added rate limits for various endpoints.
  • Added additional monitoring for endpoints prone to brute force attacks, including those checking whether a user exists and responsible for user login. The team will receive timely alerts when if these endpoints encounter unexpected usage.



  • Fixed a bug where the user cannot change their transaction wallet on the Send page.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing MAX on the Send page would incorrectly fetch the total amount of a token from all imported wallets instead of the amount from the desired transaction wallet.


That’s it for this week!

Have feedback, or encountered any issues with any of our products? Don’t hesitate to contact us via Discord, or via any of our other social media links listed below.

See you in two more!

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