Biweekly Dev Update: November 1st, 2023


Hey friends, and welcome to another biweekly update.

The App Team is busy at work doing lower-level, architectural refactoring this week. This is due to an ongoing plan to make our wallet-related services available not just as a native app running on iOS and Android, but also as a progressive web app that can run on virtually any platform with a standards-compliant browser.

We’re still working out the details, but going in this direction allow us to not only reach a wider audience on even more devices, but also deliver certain web3 experiences and concepts faster with no need to go through the app-store approval process. As for the user, they can enjoy these experiences and new features right on their browser.

To make this work, we’ll need to refactor many parts of our existing codebase that uses platform specific code to keep existing features up and running. That’s what we’ve been busy doing these couple of weeks.

More updates coming soon, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, here are a couple of bugfixes to quench your unending thirst for app-updates.

  • Fixed a bug where idling the wallet app in the background for long periods of time causes the Chatroom to disconnect.
  • Fixed a rare bug that occurs if the user does the following steps in sequence: 1) Logins to Stickey Wallet from device A, 2) logins to KryptoGO Wallet, using the same account, via a seperate device B, and 3) deletes the KryptoGO Account from device B. Since device A now detects the associated KryptoGO account as deleted, it logs itself out automatically, but fails to completely clear the wallet data from the local device A. Now, if the user logs into a different account on device A, they will be able to see certain data from the old wallet that that is associated with the account deleted from device B. Although it is highly unlikely that users encounter this complicated a scenario, this has to do with asset safety, and we made sure to fix this bug with top priority. We also made sure that in the future, all local wallet data is deleted upon logout, even if the user did not initiate the logout.


That’s it for this week!

Have feedback, or encountered any issues with any of our products? Don’t hesitate to contact us via Discord, or via any of our other social media links listed below.

See you in two more!

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