Biweekly Dev Update: July 3, 2024


Hey friends, and welcome back to another biweekly update. Yet another week where we’ll be talking about KryptoGO Studio instead of the KryptoGO App.

AssetPro: Introducing 3-Tier Approvals

3-Tier Approvals to send funds in AssetPro provide comprehensive permission management and great operational flexibility, making KryptoGO Studio the ✨premier✨ choice for businesses managing financial flows in Web3.

Enhanced Permission Roles

Added new roles: Approver and Finance Manager.

Admins and Account Owners can set different approval thresholds for various roles (including Traders, Admins, Account Owners). For example, if Bob’s approval threshold is 1000U, any single transaction request exceeding 1000U must go through the 3-tier approval process; transactions equal to or less than 1000U can be processed directly.

More Robust Send Transactions

When a Trader initiates a transaction that exceeds their approval threshold, an approval request will be sent to an Approver. If an Approver approves the transaction, it will then be sent to the Finance Manager. Upon the Finance Manager’s approval, the transaction will be released to the blockchain, completing the process.

Approval requests can include file attachments to facilitate review. Attachements can be seen and downloaded by an Approver, Releaser, Admin, and Account Owner.

Transaction Details are available for viewing, which includes:

  • real-time transactions progress,

  • approval history,

  • remark editing,

  • attachment downloads, and

  • the transaction hash.

Approvers of all permission levels can also perform KYA (address risk analysis) on the payee for comprehensive transaction risk management.

Except for Traders, who can only view their own transaction history, all other roles can access the organization’s entire transaction history.

If an Approver of any permission levels rejects a transaction request, the transaction will be marked as Canceled. This simultaneously releases the initiator’s reserved daily quota.

Changes in transaction status will be displayed in real-time on the Transaction History page.

You can search and filter transaction requests in the transaction history by time, status, blockchain, token, and trader.

To recap what 3-tier approvals are:

  • Tier 1: Traders, Admins, and Account Owners can submit a transaction for approval.

  • Tier 2: Approvers can approve or reject the transcation

  • Tier 3: Releasers release the transction onto the blockchain.

Improved Task Overview

  • The Overview page now displays the number of transactions pending approval and release, with one-click access to the corresponding transaction history.

Other Bugs & Improvements

Optimizing the Experience of AssetPro Orders

  • When shipping, users who have not set a transfer limit will be prompted to do so.

  • When editing order notes, the input box will retain the previously entered content, making it easier to preserve feedback from others.

  • Product names now support spaces.

Funding Pool

  • Now supports Tron addresses! You can view this directly through the “+ Add Value” button.

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