Biweekly Dev Update: July 20th, 2022


Hey friends. We’re back with another biweekly update, detailing the most important changes that happened in the past couple of weeks.

A few weeks ago, we added an option in Settings that allows you to choose whether to factor in your NFTs when calculating your total balance in the Wallet Tab. That functionality has now been extended to the Home Tab, and users can now freely choose whether NFTs are part of their asset overview. In other words, users can now control if NFTs show up in the list view, pie graph, and line chart on the Home screen. The toggle can be found in Account > Settings > Include NFTs in Home Overview.

Due to the high price volatility of this class of asset, we use floor prices to estimate the value of NFTs. Note that even with the option toggled to include NFTs, NFTs under a certain transaction volume are automatically filtered, preventing items with high artificial prices but low liquidity from falsely inflating your portfolio balance.

We’ve also streamlined the process of redeeming multiple NFT rewards. Instead of repeating the same process numerous times, we added a field in which users can enter the amount of rewards they want to redeem simultaneously.

Last but not least, for users who use KryptoGO Wallet with multiple devices, you may now notice a screen pop up during login that tells you that your account has already been signed in with a different device. This is in part a security upgrade, making sure users are aware that another device may have access to their wallet and making sure data stays consistent across all devices, and in part preparing for our account model overhaul that increases both the flexibility and ease-of-use of our wallet. We’re very excited to share more details with you once we are ready.

As always, we’ve been continuously spotting and squashing bugs to provide the best possible user experience. Very briefly, here are some of the pesky bugs we’ve eliminated as well as small quality-of-life changes:

  • Fixed a bug where gas fees were being incorrectly calculated during signing.
  • Fixed a bug where some external links in the DApp browser should open in other applications (e.g., Discord, Twitter, Telegram) but weren’t doing so.
  • Fixed a bug where (candlestick) price charts weren’t showing up for certain tokens.
  • The pie chart and the line graph in the Home Tab can now be refreshed via slightly dragging down on them.
  • Some in-wallet text clarity changes.
  • Binance Smart Chain is now correctly renamed to BNB chain.


Adding a dash of awesome…

We don’t usually cover updates for products other than the wallet in these updates, but this one definitely deserves a mention: KryptoGO Dashboard version 1.0 is now available for all project teams who use KryptoGO to distribute or airdrop their NFTs. These NFTs can be given utility via the dashboard––for instance, allowing holders to redeem rewards––and users can easily check out the afforded utility using KryptoGO Wallet. Our different products integrate with one another and together aims to make it super easy (and safe) for teams and users alike to be part of a fun and exciting Web 3.0 experience, whether it be creating one or participating in one.


That’s it for this week! As always, let us know what you think via Discord, or any of our other social media links listed below.

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