Biweekly Dev Update — 20220525


Transparent app development

In the spirit of facilitating community participation and discussions, as well as making our app development progress more transparent, we will be posting a biweekly dev update every two weeks starting from today! 🥳

Let’s get you up to speed.

Curious about what we’ve been up to after launching the 2022 New Year Lucky Bag NFT event? We spend a lot of effort polishing each of our products. Here’s a brief summary of major changes:

  • The brand new official KryptoGO website
  • An integrated DApp browser in the KryptoGO Wallet
  • Instant transaction push notifications
  • A more streamlined and better NFT experience
    - View NFT details, including traits and rarity
    - List an NFT for sale on the NFT Details Screen
    - View an NFT’s price history and track its floor price
    - Choose an NFT as your avatar with built-in verification
    - Track NFT price changes
    - Pin your favorite NFTs to the top of the page and hide unwanted collections
    - NFT redemption is now faster
  • Faster synchronization of contacts. Use your favorite NFT as your avatar for all your contacts to see.
  • Other optimizations and bugfixes

Below, we go into detail on the most recent update:

Redirect to your wallet from your native browser.

KryptoGO Wallet is now available on the Wallet Connect Registry.

After clicking on Wallet Connect, choose KryptoGO to jump directly from your native browser to your wallet. You do not need to scan a QR code.

Security is our top priority.

At KryptoGO, nothing is more important to us than ensuring the safety of user assets. In order to prevent social attacks, the app now automatically locks if idle for a certain period of time.

We encourage users to lock their screens whenever they can for maximum security.

We continuously monitor DeFi pools.

Many people have asked us to add more investment options. We heard you.

On the Earn page, even inexperienced users can easily invest with just a single click. For experienced users, our integrated DApp browser allows them to access a variety of investment options. We are cautious about adding new pools in order to keep thing simple and friendly for all users.

In DeFi, it is not uncommon that the handling fee alone will eat up all the profits especially with relatively small investments. While we’re still deciding on what Defi pools we want to include in our app, one thing we promise is to protect your assets. If we list a Defi pool, we will do our due diligence and continuously monitor the pool.

We want to hear what you think. Feel free to recommend your favorite pool to us on Discord.

For advanced NFT flippers and DEX traders out there…

You asked for this functionality, and we delivered!

Users can now customize the gas fee themselves for all transactions. Mint NFTs and trade in the most cost-effective way.

A real-time gas tracker can now be accessed from the Wallet page. We support EIP-1559: you can set your preferred gas setting as the default.

Tracking your portfolio is easier than ever.

On the Home Page, there is now an aggregated list of assets that displays your Defi positions, NFTs, and tokens from highest to lowest value. Toggle between the list view, pie chart view, or line graph view. View the details of each asset simply by clicking on them. Interested in KryptoGO?

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