KryptoGO Compliance

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For low risk industries





+3,000 points

Key Features

Data Updated Daily

No Set Up Fee

Additional Purchase Points

1000Points NT$3,599 dollars

10000Points NT$30,590 dollars

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For all industries and growing teams focusing on building own KYC/AML system





+60,000 points

Key Features

Data Reviewed by Experts

Data Updated Daily

No Set Up Fee

Starting from USD 0.5 per check

Additional Purchase Points

1000Points NT$2,900 dollars

10000Points NT$26,900 dollars

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For organizations that need to scale and keep PII privateFor enterprises with global scale, security, and governance needs

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Key Features

Complete control of your environment

Active/active clustering for high availability

Optimized for GCP, AWS or Azure deployment

More flexible integration to the existing system

On-Premesis System

Annual term license

Maintenance Fee

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KYA - Ethereum and ERC20

KYB - Taiwan (R.O.C)

KYC - Taiwan (R.O.C)

Adverse Media - Taiwan (R.O.C)

Judges - Taiwan (R.O.C)

Global Sanction Database

Batch Screening

API Integration

Risk Intelligence Data

RCA - Wordwide

PEP - Wordwide

SIP - Wordwide

Adverse Media - Worldwide

Company Registry - Worldwide

Crypto High-Risk Activity - Major Blockchains

Others (On-Demand)

Risk Control

PDF for printing

Risk assessment report

Risk model preference

AI model for classification

Case management


User limit (per site)




Scan History

Centralized Per-User Licensing

Session duration management

User roles

Audit logs

Advanced permissions

IP allowlisting

Data residency

Documentation management

SAML single sign-on

Real-time Active Directory sync

Data Sources


What are Sanctions Lists?

There are more than thousands of global and local sanctions lists published by the USA, UK, UN and other global government departments. Sanction lists are public lists. Sanction lists have global and local implications. Some of the important Sanction Lists;

  • United Nations Sanctions (UN)

  • US Consolidated Sanctions

  • OFAC — Specially Designated Nationals (SDN)

  • EU Financial Sanctions

  • UK Financial Sanctions (HMT)

  • Australian Sanctions

  • SDFM Terror List

  • Interpol Wanted List

  • Russian Sanction List

  • Canada Sanction List

  • UN Sanction List

and 100+ different government lists. Also, we provides a comprehensive coverage of PEP/RCA/SIP worldwide, with 1.4 million PEP profiles, 1.2 million Sanction profiles and 400,000 adverse media links.

Points Info

Deductions for various services

ID Documentation Verification

  • 40 points per search

Audit Trail

- Include:Search、API Search、Batch Search

The points will be deducted according to the selected database. If the total exceeds 20 points, it will be counted as 20 points.

  • Media database :1 point

  • Sanctions list :2 points

  • DJ Database :15 points

  • Company Information :1 point

  • Court Judgement :1 point

Fund Verification

20 points per search

  • Fund Verification will not be deducted if the format does not match

Notes on credits

Subscription bonus points

The points given by the monthly payment plan are valid for one month, and the points for the annual payment plan are valid for one year.

Additional purchase points

Add-on points take effect immediately and are valid for one year