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What are Sanctions Lists?

There are more than thousands of global and local sanctions lists published by the USA, UK, UN and other global government departments. Sanction lists are public lists. Sanction lists have global and local implications. Some of the important Sanction Lists;

  • United Nations Sanctions (UN)

  • US Consolidated Sanctions

  • OFAC — Specially Designated Nationals (SDN)

  • EU Financial Sanctions

  • UK Financial Sanctions (HMT)

  • Australian Sanctions

  • SDFM Terror List

  • Interpol Wanted List

  • Russian Sanction List

  • Canada Sanction List

  • UN Sanction List

and 100+ different government lists. Also, we provides a comprehensive coverage of PEP/RCA/SIP worldwide, with 1.4 million PEP profiles, 1.2 million Sanction profiles and 400,000 adverse media links.